Digital Literacy: Importance of Learning Code in Early Age


Code 'n Play

Technology permeates every aspect of modern life and its influence is growing. It is driven by advancement in computer science of which programming or coding plays an important role.

Due to rapid technology adoption, more problem-based learning is now included in school curriculums. More parents want digital literacy lessons such as programming for their children and even get them into coding camp to give them an early advantage.

Unfortunately, some people still see coding as a nerdy activity.

Digital literacy is a life skill that can help your children develop and improve their future. It will help them learn about computers, software and how the internet works.

As a parent who wants a better future for your children, helping them learn to code from an early age is an essential part of accomplishing your goals as we shall see below.

1. Nurtures Creative Thinking

Children are naturally creative and love acting from different perspectives while engaging in fun activities. But you don’t just have to put up with their creative pranks, you can nurture your kid’s creativity by getting them enrolled in code camps.

With a process similar to storytelling, they will learn about the beginning, the process involved, the result of coding instructions and how to tinker with code instructions to get a different result. This can enhance your child’s math, verbal and writing skills.

2. Enjoy Fun Projects

You don’t have to worry about your kids losing interest in coding. Programming can be a fun activity where they can see their ideas in code come straight to life after a few instructions. This is both educational and satisfying which is great for their mental development.

3. Programming Skills in High Demand

According to recent research, 58% of all new STEM jobs are about computing but a meager 8% of STEM graduates study computer science. This shows the importance of coding literacy in STEM education. Hence, coding isn’t just a developmental tool for your child but it is also potentially rewarding as a career.

Learning to code will not only increase your child’s chance of securing admission to top colleges but would also help them secure better jobs.

In fact, CS majors reportedly earn 40% more than other occupation. Thus, digital literacy at an early age will ensure that your tech-enthusiast children get a head start in their career goals.

4. Learn Another Language

Just as some schools offer French and other language lessons. Learning to program is learning to communicate with computers using special languages. Programming languages have their own syntax and rules that make communication possible with computers. And as with other languages, it is better that your children learn at a young age so their brain can absorb its workings and grow to understand its logic.

5. Improves Problem-Solving Skills

When your kids learn to code, they are exposed to methods for breaking down complex problems into smaller parts that can be easily tackled.

This systematic way of solving problems helps to expand your child’s thought process and allow them to apply specific solutions to more general cases. The result is that they understand better how the world around them works.

Coding helps children to visualize abstraction and see their math in action, a boost to their STEM education.

6. Improves Persistence and Collaboration

Learning to code is a challenge. Making mistakes and correcting them help your child build persistence skills. In addition, solving problems alongside others provide an opportunity for your child to tackle problems of common interest in a cooperative way.

Whether through face to face classroom interactions or web-based question boards, your child will become familiar with collaborative problem solving which is a critical aspect of working with others.

7. Improves Communication

When your kids learn to communicate with computers through coding, they know how to interact with computers to complete tasks using simple commands. If they can “talk” to an unimaginative machine, relating with other humans will be easier.

Communication is a key pillar of success in life. It is necessary for building meaningful relationships and working with others. Your child is better equipped with this valuable skill right from their developmental age by learning to code.

Coding might seem complex to learn but special programs developed by coding school for kids can help them grasp the concept easier in an enjoyable and fun manner.

Even if your kids won’t choose an IT career, the digital literacy lessons designed by Code ‘n Play which are fun and playful will help them navigate the tech-driven modern world more efficiently.

By enrolling them in coding classes, your child will develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied or transferred to whichever profession they choose.

Registering your kid in coding camp or coding school for kids is beneficial for their future.

Enroll your child today!